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Thai visa and work permit and Thai company

Thai visas – types and requirements

For most Thai visas the requirements are quite straightforward. The most common available types of Thai visa are:-

Visa TypeComments
Retirement visasfor these you must be over 50 and meet monetary requirements.
Business visasThe business visa has 2 types, multiple entry, received in Malaysia or visa extension made in Thailand.
Education VisasThese require enrolment to a Government registered school.
Volunteer VisasRequire the applicant to be ‘working’ for a registered charity or organisation.

Thai visa and work permit | Thai company formation services and maintenance.


5 new Thai work permits for happy customers

5 new Thai work permits for happy customers


We carry out this Thai visa and work permit work in house to help and assist our clients as best as possible. We are pleased to be able to offer you our services with transparency, knowledge, and over 15 years experience. 


Thai company, Thai work permit, operating licenses, and business visa.

Contrary to what many people believe Thailand has many rules and regulations. These laws are particularly upheld regarding Thai visas and work permits. Flout these regulations at your peril. Adhere to them and you can enjoy a long and prosperous stay in wonderful Thailand. This is especially true of the all-important visa. When you become a Thailand ex-pat, this is arguably your most important document.

At our sister company Koh Phangan Visa Company we offer full services for all types of Thailand visas, company formations, and alterations, and also work permit and operating licences.

Follow this link for some helpful Consulate opening times and info to help plan your trip.


Thai business visa process

A Thai business or a job offer is needed before a long term non immigrant business visa (called a non B for short) can be obtained. Don’t worry too much as this business making the employment offer can be your own company. Businesses such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc will also require some licensing documentation before they can operate in Thailand. We are here to help and advise you on the best working practices here in Koh Phangan.

You could say that the Thai business visa process is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. That’s to say, in order to make a 1-year business visa the applicant must have a valid work permit for that matching duration. Easy! I hear you saying, but not so fast… To make a work permit, for any duration, you must first have a valid Thai business visa, confusing right? Add to this the fact that you should actually be outside of Thailand in order to apply for the work permit and it becomes even more of a bureaucratic headache.

Well, this is where Phangan Business and Visa come in, we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to make all of this be relatively easy for you.

Over the years we have cultivated very good working relationships in the local government departments which deal with various actions. We are very happy to say that we have good contacts at the Land Department, Business Development Department, Ministry of Labour, local planning departments, among others.

Phangan Business and Visa can help you get set up and get from A to B-usiness as quickly and painlessly as possible, not to mention making your visa ‘airtight’. 

Thai work permit, visa and Thai company formation – price list

Phangan Business and Visa Co. | Services Price List
Registration of Thai Company - 1m baht registered capital (WP only if married to Thai)20,000
Registration of Thai Company - 2m baht registered capital (1 WP possible)25,000
Registration of Thai Company - 4m baht registered capital (2 WP possible)30,000
Add/change company seal/stamp - price includes updated set of company docs4,000
Add/remove director - first/only one - price includes updated set of company docs4,000
Change company director - more than 1, after 1st1,000
Assistance to open a company bank account - includes Co docs update)3,000
Changing of company registered address - includes updated set of company docs4,000
Changes to the company structure - e.g. signing rights of directors.4,000
Change company purpose/business in company registration4,000
Change shareholders list - any amount of changes - not including new set co. docs3,500
meeting minutes document1,500
Company directorship fee - per month (starting from)2,000
Company Documents - updated FULL set1,500
Company Stamp800
Increase company capital by each 1m7,500
Monthly office address usage fee1,000
Change details - work permit3,000
Change to WP - more than 1 change1,000
Application processing for Work Permit - includes non B 90 days application docs16,000
Update/renew work permit - 1 year9,500
Visa application documents preparation (non B & non O multi entry visas)2,500
1 year visa extension - retirement 25,000
1 year visa extension - Business30,000
1 year visa extension - Marriage or parent to Thai national25,000
Preparation of end of year COMPANY accounting - starts at16,000
PERSONAL tax preparation & filing (500 if use KPR monthly PND1 service)2,500
Registering clients for a tax number600
PND1 form set up750
PND1 monthly filing fee400
Social Security monthly filing charges500
Social Security Registration - per person (not incl. Samui travel expenses)4,500
Eng ONLY contract - if between 2 parties proficient in English. Starts at-15,000
Writing contract - rent or sale - English & Thai. Starts at-25,000
Alcohol License (Less if VAT registered)5,000
Cigarette license - Price only valid if made at same time as alcohol license1,500
Restaurant (FOOD PREPARATION) License3,500
TAT License application30,000
Hotel license (starting from, case dependent)70,000

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