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Koh Phangan Construction Experts | Koh Phangan Realty Co

The best Koh Phangan building team!

Are you looking to find an experienced, talented, reliable, responsible Koh Phangan construction team with an eye on sustainability? Yes?

Then look no further than the Koh Phangan Realty construction team!

Koh Phangan Realty Co., Tong Nai Pan modern build 2
Koh Phangan Realty Co., Tong Nai Pan modern build 2

Our team is a multi-national crew with English, South African, Thai, and also Burmese (amongst others) all working together in harmony.

Our core management team has amassed over 80 years of construction experience between them (yes we are all around 50 years old!) and are well versed in project management, construction costing, construction processes (for both large and small builds), and the legal side of building here in Koh Phangan. This is then backed up by our great office team to keep us on top of ordering, payroll, and cost management/monitoring.

In addition to our core management team, we also have access to a number of specialists in various construction professions – qualified architects (both Thai and westerners), engineers, surveyors, specialist sub-contractors – including electrical installation engineers, road builders, and even western painters and decorator finishers, to name a few.

Koh Phangan construction zoning
Koh Phangan construction zoning

Koh Phangan construction – from A to Z

At Koh Phangan Realty we take a holistic approach to construction, and indeed land vetting and purchasing before that. ‘In house‘ we can cover your needs from:

  • Due diligence of your favourite plot to make sure your investment is safe.
  • Topographic contour surveys (by a UK accredited professional surveyor) to plan your build (and build costs) precisely
  • Plot design layout and official land deed division
  • Sale Purchase contracts (SPA)
  • Transfer of deed ownership or lease registration
  • Company formation if freehold land is required
  • Groundworks pre-build and landscaping after building
  • Design – from concept to construction drawings
  • Planning/building permission from the local authorities
  • Internationally recognised industry-standard ‘lump sum’ construction contracts based on a carefully prepared costing document (BOQ)
  • Implementation and management of the actual construction work
  • Project cost management and monitoring
  • Electrical infrastructure installation
  • Road building to national specifications with all plant and machinery needed
  • Top-quality Koh Phangan construction finishing (decorating) to varying desired standards and budgets (Thai and western)

Koh Phangan Realty Construction Skills

Of course, you may choose any combination of the above skills offered but we would love to help you in all of your Koh Phangan property adventures. Choosing the wrong team can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake so avoid all the pitfalls and make your own journey easy with us. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and that is certainly very true for building projects on our beautiful, but a quite challenging island. Here time management is crucial, as it is for any construction project. But with Koh Phangan construction there is the added fact that we are an island with limited access daily. Those with lesser construction experience and knowledge than us can often find themselves in an ever-increasing problem. Here we must pay great attention to work schedules, deadlines, and also lead-time management, and we do just that.

With a wealth of construction experience right here in Koh Phangan, we can also find the best suppliers and the best transport to bring your project in on time and on budget. Often our customers are surprised by our very competitive pricing and they should definitely never be put off by our professional approach. Good doesn’t always mean expensive, at least not for Koh Phangan Realty construction services.

Building prices in Koh Phangan

Western quality construction prices start at around 18,000 baht per square meter and can go up to any amount you like. The lower pricing will get you a good quality, but basic, western-style house build. Beware of prices quoted below this price as it may well not include many things a Westerner would take for granted and be a ‘Thai style’ build that you will be quoted for. Unfortunately, in many cases, the high cost quoted per square meter of the built property will not be reflected in the quality of the materials used in the build. Be aware of not just the pretty 3D renders that you are being shown but also the ‘ingredients’, or materials, of the construction that will be used. 

A build cost in the region of 15-16,000 p/m2 will get you:-

  • High-quality, steel-reinforced concrete structure
  • Blockwork walls with rendering (rough finish ‘plastering’)
  • Good quality non-slip porcelain floor tiles
  • All sanitary fittings of decent quality
  • Western specification electrical installation – in wall, in conduit, wiring with a ground circuit, safety breakers and RCD breakers
  • Closed septic tank system – toilets will flush even in the rainy season
  • Decent quality, low maintenance wall paint
  • Gypsum board ceiling
  • Recessed LED downlight fittings into the ceiling
  • Basic galley-style concrete counter kitchen with a black granite worktop
  • Some built-in-furniture – wardrobe/s, bathroom counters, etc
  • Tiled, steel structure roof with insulation
  • Interior and exterior doors and windows of a good but basic quality
  • Exterior non-slip floor covering of either tiles, polished concrete, or sand-wash
  • Exterior safety railings – basic standard – painted steel or similar

So, basically all of what you need for a build but with no ‘frills’, luxuries, or indulgences. For bespoke kitchens, super-wide opening curtain windows, etc. then it will add to the basic price.

Koh Phangan Construction Costing and Pricing

It is possible to build cheaper than this cost per square meter but we wouldn’t recommend it if you want a fully functioning western standard desirable residence or rental/business property.

Our construction planning and costing process is transparent and based on a co-engineered (with you, our valued client) costing document (Bill of Quantities) that can be adjusted according to your needs and budget.

Flexible House Pricing Process

The house has been priced and you still have a bit of money to spare and want some feature points? No problem! The way the BOQ and the construction drawings that we will make for you are, we can easily upgrade, change, or often remove a part from the costing to meet your higher or lower budgeting. It’s all a process really and we are happy to give you some options to choose from and to help you to source materials too.


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