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Koh Phangan villa construction progress at Coconut Lane – part 1

Posted by Phangan Homes on 22/09/2023

Koh Phangan pool villas for sale - The Corner Cottages

To give you insight into the Koh Phangan villa construction progress we have made a series of posts so that you can follow our progress as it happens. The villa, as you can see above, is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom pool villa with an open-plan kitchen/lounge area.

Follow the link at the bottom for more info on our 2023 build. 

Koh Phangan villa construction – materials

In addition to the construction process, you can also see what construction materials Koh Phangan Realty are using. You can compare that to some other Koh Phangan builds you might have seen. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to see what building materials, and what quality, have been used when a villa is completed. However, a trained eye can often see the difference between, good, medium, and low-quality materials.


Koh Phangan villa construction AAC block same width as column



We have opted for high-quality, good thermal and sound-insulating AAC blocks. The blocks are 20 cm wide, the same width as the concrete roof support columns. Good for both interior aesthetics and insulation/electricity/cooling bills.






Koh-Phangan-Realty-villa-construction-SCG-Fiber-Cement-Roof-Ayara-Modern-Sandy-Brown tile




Another good quality material we have chosen for our Koh Phangan villas is Ayara modern-look roof tiles. These are both great for the tropical environment here and also easy on the eye. Coupled with the Hip Roof style we have used it meets good tropical design practices.




We hope that you will enjoy checking in from time to time to see how we are getting on with our Phangan pool villas. The build was started around the 10th of August 2023 and we expect an approximate build time of 4-5 months, so just in time for the Koh Phangan high season period. Good timing as long as we can get our roof up and on in time for the rains!

At the time of writing, we are approximately 1.5 months into our projected build time and we are getting close to putting the roof tiles into the steel roof structure. We have lots of updates to add here and we hope to find the time to post them here ASAP, busy schedule allowing!

Follow this link for more in-depth coverage of our Koh Phangan villa construction at Coconut Lane!


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